5 tips for maximising returns from your commercial property


Posted on Wednesday, November 20, 2019

5 tips for maximising returns from your commercial property

If you’ve read our previous article about the property refurbishments our maintenance team carried out on some residential rentals you’ll know how we help our landlords get the most out of their investment – and we do the same for commercial property owners too. 

From simple decorating to complete refurbishments, we can project manage your commercial property upgrade. We can also give honest advice on the most cost-effective steps you should take to maximise the return on your investment.

Here are 5 tips based on our experience as commercial property experts and letting agents:

A lick of paint can make a tired office space look more appealing to potential tenants and can give it a spacious feel. Changing window blinds, light fittings and flooring are other inexpensive measures that can transform a dreary room into a modern workspace.

Consider installing new bathroom fixtures or adding a small bathroom, space permitting, if one doesn’t already exist. As well as being a practical feature, it also gives the impression of a well maintained property. 

Wi-fi connectivity is essential for any commercial property. Rather than leaving this for the tenant to sort out, why not include a high-speed broadband connection in the rent?

How secure is the property? Some tenants may be keen to ensure their office equipment or retail stock is protected from theft and damage. It can also help their insurance premiums – and yours as landlord (don’t forget that FSS can sort out your specialist landlord insurance for you).

Take an honest look at the kitchen facilities. Like the bathroom, a clean and bright kitchen adds value to a commercial property and creates a great first impression, making it easier to let and potentially enabling you to charge a higher rent.

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