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Is Harrogate a Property Investor's Dream?

We have seen a surge in people moving from the congested cities to the Harrogate and the surrounding area, but why is Harrogate such a desirable place to live?

Famous for its "Harrogate Spring Water" and "Betty's Tea Rooms", this exclusive Spa town holds an exquisite beauty. Voted the happiest place to live, it is no coincidence that the prices of properties continue to rise, and the market is continuing to thrive.

Harrogate forms part of what locals call the "Golden Triangle", surrounded by picturesque villages and outstanding countryside.

As FSS are specialists in property consultancy, we have in depth knowledge and can give some insight on the local areas and share knowledge into why Harrogate and its environs continue to be the property investor's dream.

Of course, Harrogate itself is beautiful, it is an idyllic Spa town, filled with quality boutiques, artisan coffee shops, high-end restaurants, local farm shops, bakeries, and awarding hotels and spas such as Rudding Park.

However, if you are looking for more of a country lifestyle, fear not! Harrogate and its surrounding areas don't fail in the country life either, home to some of the most incredible river walks, woodlands, racing and country sports experiences, Yorkshire truly has it all.

If you are looking for Country Sports, you could checkout Grantley Hall, Bramham Polo, and Swinton Shooting Grounds or if you would like to spend the day on the golf course, we have plenty of amazing courses for the ultimate golfing experience.

Although Harrogate itself is truly outstanding, do not let this overshadow the picturesque villages and nearby towns and cities that complete the Golden Triangle - see our Menu to the left.

We will be creating a series of blogs on the surrounding villages and areas over the next few months, however, if you are looking for more information on property prices and expert property advice please contact us directly.

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