Buy-to-let Landlord Property Insurance


Posted on Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Buy-to-let Landlord Property Insurance

If you own a property and rent it out, ordinary home insurance won’t be sufficient to protect your investment and you will need to look at specialist landlord insurance.

At FSS we have combined our quarter of a century of experience in the rental market with the expertise of Yorkshire insurance expert Marshall Wooldridge to develop a trusted product for our landlords.

We do of course make sure we mitigate against any issues in our let and managed portfolio of over 1000 local properties by undertaking regular inspections and reacting promptly to maintenance issues raised by both landlords and tenants. This vigilance, combined with a good insurance policy to cover the unexpected, offers peace of mind to owners of let property.

What damage and other problems can landlords face?

Even though tenants are aware of the maintenance service available to them through FSS, they may not report leaks, damp and faults as quickly as they might if they were living in their own property. This can lead to bigger problems that are costlier to fix.

Accidental damage can occur to any property and sadly, despite rigorous vetting, some tenants may cause damage maliciously or through undue care and attention during their tenancy.

If a tenant or visitor is injured during their time in your property, they may be able to make a claim against you. Insurance can protect you against the costs associated with this.

Property is always at risk from environmental factors such as fire, flood, burst pipes and storm damage. Landlord insurance can offer protection against the cost of repairs to your buildings, contents or both. 

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If you are interested in landlord property insurance and commercial landlord insurance, whether you have a single buy-to-let, investment property or multiple properties, contact FSS to find out what your insurance options are and to receive a quote. Contact us on 01423 501211.