What Our Customers Say

Our dedicated, professional and friendly team will provide you with straightforward, practical advice and help with all aspects of property. But don't just take our word for it, here is what some of our customers say about us:

Hi Richard, just a quick message to say thank you once again for managing the sale of our property - I couldn’t recommend FSS enough! I must say, you have a fantastic agent in Stuart he provided us with the confidence and reassurance needed throughout our sale. Please pass on our appreciation. Thanks Giles

Hello Good morning We hope this message finds you well. We wanted to let you know that we have decided not to extend our lease.  Over the past 30 months, it has been a pleasure renting from you. We greatly appreciate your prompt attention to any issues and your professionalism. Our time on this property has been wonderful, and your support has been invaluable.  However, due to personal circumstances, we now require a larger space to accommodate our needs. This decision was not made lightly, and we hope to find a new home that will serve us as well as this one has.  We will ensure that the property is left in good condition and will coordinate with you regarding the final inspection and return of the keys.  Thank you once again for being such a considerate and responsive landlord. We wish you all the best and hope you find tenants who will appreciate this property as much as and even better than we have.

Hi Maisy,  Thank you for your email. It was so nice to see you again, too, on Wednesday.   During Wednesday’s visit and your previous one, I was struck by the way in which you carried out the work - not only in terms of your competence and efficiency but also in how you engaged with me as a tenant. That combination of excellent professional and interpersonal skills is rare. I recognise it and much appreciate it.  Thank you for your help and for organising the return of my deposit."


Thank you Jonathan & may we add that FSS  & all the people who we have had dealings with have been a pleasure to do business with.

Hi Debbie,  Thank you for that good news. And thanks to all the team for your professionalism, much appreciated.

Good morning Tracey,  We just want to thank you very much for the help and support related to recent issues. Special thanks to gas and heating, and doors and locks contractors, both of them are really top-professionals guys. Thank you

Dear Maisy  The FSS team is always the best example of top-quality service.  Kids at schools should have lessons about business, using the FSS example. 

Hello Cathy, I write to acknowledge receipt of my security deposit into my bank account.  I also want to take this opportunity to thank all at FSS with whom I have dealt over the past nine years; you were always prompt, efficient and friendly when managing any issues that arose.  A Happy New Year and best wishes for the future.  

Dear Erica, Thanks so much for your help it's been amazing so far. Much more helpful than other agents I've used!

Dear Thomas, Thank you so much for the opportunity to view the property, I really want to give a good feedback to Howard who showed me around and made me feel welcome. The property is a beautiful place and its centrally located and would make it easily accessible. I came with a friend of mine who knows one of the tenants leaving and she has stayed there for over 4 years and she gave lovely recommendation about the property and how the property is being looked after so well by the landlord. I have also filled the tenancy application form and hope you'd get back to me to confirm that you have received it. Thank you.

Simon, Thanks to you and the team for a swift turnaround on letting this one. Shows what can be done when everyone is pulling together for the same aim. Viewings ongoing while both your team & I got a few jobs sorted and all the paperwork dealt with electronically. And most of this while I was away in South Africa – the wonders of the digital age! 

Thank you Cathy!  We're getting settled in and are very happy about the property and grateful for everyone who helped us to get here.  It's been an easy process and we'd gladly use FSS in the future.   Thank you for everything!  

I have loved my time in this property and would like  thank you for your support and professionalism i have received during my 3 year tenancy.

Dear Jonathan, I have been super impressed by your personal responses and actions and truly appreciate your care.

Dear Thomas    My beautiful wife and children have followed me around the world throughout my career and we’ve had multiple moves from Australia to Ohio to Washington DC and soon to Harrogate in the past five years.  I wanted to personally thank you for your clear communication through this entire process. You are an absolute professional, and so was the young lady that helped with the house tour this week.  As landlords ourselves, I can tell you that this is not generally been our experience anywhere in the world, and we hope that we can settle on an agreement next week.   We have been really torn between buying a property in the UK and renting and think this home really meet our needs and will give us multiple years in one lovely home.  I hope you have a wonderful weekend, and please pass our praise for you, and the young lady that helped with the tour along to your supervisor or manager. 

Dear Cathy, Thank you for your e mail.  I really appreciate everything you have all done for me over the years and the professional way you all behave at FSS.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff at FSS for their continued support throughout our tenancy, the customer service has been outstanding.  Likewise, please pass on our thanks to the landlords who have been equally helpful over the past two years.

Dear Erica,   Thank you for being so efficient in all of this. Such a quick turnaround, you & Howard have been great.

Hi Lorna, We just had a visit from Maisy...she was very efficient and professional.. lovely girl. Thank you

Hello Cathy, Could I please ask you to let Simon know that Lorna has been fantastic in getting the flat on West End Ave ready for the tenant.  She has kept me fully informed and arranged  all the jobs to be undertaken. Exactly the same with Coronation Road.

I have contacted numerous agents across the Leeds and Harrogate area to view a good number of commercial properties. FSS were by far the quickest and easiest to contact and get booked in with and I am extremely impressed with the service provided

Michael, Thank you for the property brochure, such an improvement. Well done to your team but a special shout out to Tracey Lee, her approach has been excellent especially with us being distant form Harrogate. Please pass on my thanks as without her professional perseverance the flat would not be ready for marketing.  We look forward to updates on the marketing.

Hi Erica, We just had an electrical inspection at the house and the two young men who carried out the work were absolutely delightful.  They were polite and efficient. Please pass on our thanks to them.

Hi Kyah, We got there in the end - and thanks for your prompt and professional service throughout.  Season's Greetings to you and all at FSS.  Please be kind enough to pass on my thanks and greetings to Simon and Richard.  

Dear Michelle, Many thanks for that.  If I don't see or communicate before I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and many thanks for your efficient and professional help with the flat.  Best wishes to you all for 2023

Dear Simon, We are exceedingly relieved that the sale has finally gone through and a fair price obtained.  May I take this opportunity to thank you and all your team for your and their efforts in both looking after the house when it was unoccupied and for delivering the sale. I realise that having to deal with both the executors of the estate, and ourselves as family, probably added to the complications at times!

Hi Kyah

Thank you very much indeed for all your help throughout the sale of my property, very gratefully received. I was travelling yesterday so unable to respond but I can confirm everything went very smoothly.

Please pass on my thanks and appreciation to all those at FSS that I have had dealings with throughout the rental period of Gascoigne Crescent, I am very grateful to you all.

It has been a comfort to have had the services of such a professional and supportive team.  Please feel free to forward this message to all.

Thank you one and all.

Warmest wishes

Hi Simon, We are very pleased that the sale went through. Kyah was instrumental in pushing it over the finish line!

Dear Cathy, I would like to thank you all at FSS for the past 16 years,you have always handled queries quickly and efficiently,thank you again

Dear Tracey,  Thank you for your call yesterday, it has really been a pleasure dealing with you.   Kind regards and thank you again for your efficiency in getting all the work done,

Thank you Cathy -  we really appreciate everything FSS has done for us. You and the FSS team have been excellent.  Wishing you all the best,

Dear Kyah,   That is great news, thank you!  Many thanks for your work on this, we are very happy and have been impressed with both the rental management and sales service!

Dear Tracey, Thanks for all your help with running the project. It’s been a pleasure working with you!  

Dear Kyah, Yes, that is indeed great news.  Your help and assistance has been superb. I will certainly recommend FSS to others who are buying or selling.

Thank you so much Tracey. You guys are doing an amazing job. After twelve years of renting, I've never had property management quite like this!

Me and my partner are handing in our notice.  We are going to live in Australia. We both are super excited but sad at the time because we have to give up this fantastic and beautiful flat which we are so upset to leave ! Thank you for being such great estate agents.  I don’t think it will be hard to find new tenants as this flat is just too good! And the neighbours are supper lovely.

Hello Cathy, Yes please, that's great, thank you very much for that.  We've got a very nice experience with the  FSS Agency - Team, we always appreciate it.  I heard from other people that other agencies are not very friendly, so we are lucky.

Dear Cathy, We would like to take this opportunity to say thanky ou to yourselves and the landlord for a lovely experience with our first property together

Hi Jonathan,  I must say, I’m very impressed. they’ve really looked after the property and the standard of the clean is very good also.  I’m going to call in soon to pick up the spare keys but I’d like to say thank you to all the team at FSS too it’s been a pleasure dealing with you. 

Thanks Tracy,  We are totally impressed with the customer service you provide and delighted that the electrician came out so quickly. 

Dear Tracy, Just wanted to thank you for the quick response last week to our sewage problem and also say what a great job Mark did. He arrived in literally minutes after my “cry for help” found the problem and sorted it. He then returned the next day and did  an absolutely first class clean up. A commendable job that really deserves a mention.  Thanks to all concerned

Thank you Margaret for the statements.  Great customer service! Totally efficient

It has been a pleasure working with you over the past three years and I would highly recommend FSS and Greenbank House to any of my US colleagues here in the UK.

I found renting a property with Erica at FSS a very easy and professional process, thank you!

Hi Jonathan,   Thank you very much for being understanding and sympathetic to my situation. You made the checkout as easy as possible and I was really touched that you asked me how I was. You didn't need to but, showing a bit of empathy made a big impact. So, thank you again.

 Thank you for the help your team have provided, especially Lorna

We wanted to thank you and our amazing land lady for everything, we have been so happy and love this house, we will be sad to say goodbye. 

Eugene was amazing all the way through from the first email right through to the calls we had.Eugene went over and above to make sure that our letting went as smooth as possible and as fast as possible which was seriously amazing! The lovely Johonathon also was wonderful as he was the person to introduce us to our new home. Patient and kind and so positive and honest. Eugene and Johnathon are an asset to FSS and I thank FSS for delivering a 5 star service from start to finish simply amazing. Thank you Eugene and to the whole team at FSS. 

Hi Kyah,  Many thanks for your good news email!  I’m pleased my little property has a nice new owner.  Huge thanks to you, Jane, Simon and Kerry for all your help with the sale; hope I haven’t forgotten someone. You’ve all been brilliant from start to finish, very professional, fantastic communicators and approachable. Please kindly pass this on to the team.  Hope you have a lovely weekend too and take good care.  Thanking you with kind regards,

Thanks so much Michael. I really appreciate it. As discussed we have properties in Leeds but Harrogate is a completely new market for us so I appreciate all the advice you have given.  Just in the process of renovating another so it will be with you guys as soon as we finish. 

Dear Cathy, Just a thank you to you and the team at FSS.  I'm hoping if I can get a project sorted with the flat in the next year that I might be back as a client in the future as its been a stress free way to rent out a property.

Dear Margaret, Thank you very much for your very prompt return. FSS never fails to impress me.  Very best wishes,

Thanks Jonathan, I wish I was still dealing with FSS. My new agency isn’t quite so professional.  Good luck to the FSS team. Maybe one day I will be back 

Dear Michael,  I would like to thank you for looking after me and the property. You have been so helpful with advice over the years and I really have appreciated it. I wish you all the best for the future.  Kindest regards

Dear Cathy,  Thank you for your e mail and documents attached.  I would like to give my deeply gratitude to your teammates, Eugene, Erica and your kind assistance as always.  Particularly Eugene who handles my case closely so I must thank you him once again.  Big thank you to you all again and stay healthy !

To all the hard working team at FSS - Many, many thanks for all your committed hard work and support in selling xxxx  Yipee!  Finally dream home in Cumbria by the sea on Friday this week.  Special shout outs please go to Kyah and Jane for being available, timely and reassuring - never having done this in 26 years!!

Thank you Cathy!  The deposit was received into our account.  We appreciate how wonderful FSS was to work with and our landlords.

Absolute star Kate - thank you so much. This could be the smoothest move known to man with you lot! 

Hi Erica, Perfect, thank you so much for all your help throughout this entire process, you and FSS staff have made me feel so comfortable and at ease rather than stressed like house hunting usually is so thank you so much 

Hi Simon,  I would just like to say thank you.  I have been a tenant with various agents since I moved to Harrogate 15 years ago but can honestly say FSS was the best I have dealt with.  The speed of help when things have needed fixing has been great and you are not constantly charging us for renewing contracts, which is also a huge plus.  Please extend my thanks to the Lettings team.   Should we need to find another property to rent in the future I would be very pleased to find one with you again. 

I just love it here in my new property, it’s perfect.  Eugene has been great sorting set up of the contracts.  I have been with FSS since March 2002 and wouldn’t change it for anything. FSS I recommend completely and I’m glad I’m still with the company. Such hard times and I’ve moved twice during lockdown!!

Cheers Debbie, Just for comparison but you were the most helpful I have spoken to so far, asking questions and trying to understand our needs. 

You typically only have to engage a professional to do something that you can't (or maybe don't want to) do yourself. So it's helpful when the professional takes time to explain what underpins his thoughts and influences his opinion. For a reasonable fee, I had the benefit of Richard's many years of experience in the local property market applied to a question of property valuation. Whilst it may not have been the answer I expected, I am confident in his judgment. I would certainly seek out his opinion on similar matters.

I absolutely cannot fault the service received from start to finish. FSS is a really professional yet friendly set-up, and I am happy to shout their good name from the rooftops!

They have been so helpful with everything that they have dealt with for me. All the staff are great. (Landlord) 

Very happy with the efficient, friendly, responsive and professional service throughout. Special mention to Jane, Kyah and Kerry in the sales team and Simon, our first point of contact. 

(seller review)

Excellent service from start to finish. The communication and willingness to help whatever the requirement ensured we got into our new house as quickly as possible. Kyah Dent was brilliant. (Buyer review) 

Dear Kyah, I just wanted to say how impressed my brothers and I have been by the way you handled the sale.  I am sure your energy and enthusiasm has all been an important part of getting the sale. Your great communications certainly made us confident that FSS knew what it was doing.  So thank you very much. I hope you have a lovely Christmas and a much better year in 2021.   

All the team members provided me assurance and are very helpful and professional. Excellent Customer service.

We had a survey by Daniel one of your surveyors.
I am simply emailing you to say he has been so fantastic  and helpful.  We have had to call him on numerous occasions and he has always called back and resolved problems or given excellent advice.
I am not sure how many times people email to congratulate your surveyors but Daniel went above and beyond and is a real asset to your company and reputation.
Please pass on our thanks and appreciation.

Hi Gaynor,  Thank you ever so much for sending over as promised, a hard copy would be great if that’s ok.  My sincere thanks again for all your help over the last few weeks, you have been an absolute pleasure to deal with and are a real asset to FSS in my opinion!

Everyone in team is professional, polite and efficient. I never have to chase and I can trust that the management of the leases/ renewals/ inspections/ legalities are in hand.

Simon Croft kept me informed and explained events very clearly and concisely. Front of house staff are always extremely helpful, polite and well informed.

All my experiences with the residential letting department team have been positive

The gentleman who showed us round was really lovely and answered all questions we had amazingly!

High praise for Michelle Rycroft and her attention to ongoing maintenance works.

Thank you so much April - again, we cannot thank you enough for the time and effort you have put in to help us with our home. We truly appreciate it and want to commend you and FSS on the amazing job you did on our behalf. 

Many thanks for your email regarding the renewal of my tenancy - my son and I have settled in well and love the house very much. We are very happy here. So - yes please we would definitely like to stay! Also thank you all so much for helping with various things (like the boiler and the bindweed in the garden!) - it is great to know I have advice and support and I really appreciate it.   I look forward to hearing from you soon. Best wishes to all the team - hope everyone is safe and well.

Hi Kyah

First of all and please don’t take this the wrong way but let me congratulate you on your outstanding telephone manner and your client attention which tbh is a breath of fresh air these days to people of my era.

I lectured for years in sales psychology and to see what’s happened these days in customer service is a travesty especially in your industry we’re your lucky that someone even calls you back let alone have your tact and enthusiasm so credit to you and your parents or anyone else that has trained you if that’s the case.

Hello Kate and Erica, thank you for your time and the time of your colleagues, it is quite appreciated.  This is the very first time we had a professionalism "experience"   with a letting agency. You and yours colleagues responded quickly and supported us. Special thanks to Eugene for his kind touch while dealing with us and the time he invested in explaining everything. Everything is quite appreciated.

Dear Cathy, Thanks for your letter confirming new tenants at our flat much appreciated.  Your colleagues, Erica and Eugene, should be congratulated for a good job done in these difficult times.  Thanks for your help and hope you all keep safe.

Dear Simon,  Many thanks for the final statement.  We would like to thank you and all those at FSS who have assisted us so well in the management of Dragon Ave over the years. Please pass on our particular thanks to Cathy, Erica and Richard.  Very best wishes

I would like to thank the brilliant viewer that you have to show your rentals.  He is ALWAYS on time and so helpful and friendly.

Hi Dan, just a quick note to say thanks for your time today. Really good to meet you, we appreciate you coming to see us at short notice.

Dear Erica,  Thank you so much for all your help. You’ve been an absolute pleasure to deal with, and have been so helpful and friendly, so on a  personal note I’d like to let you we’ve really appreciated that.

Many thanks for the efficient manner in which you have once again handled the lease renewal.

For the attention of the Directors and Staff , FSS. Dear All,  I would like to say a warm heartfelt thanks for your time, understanding and your quick execution of any queries that i had during my five year tenancy. You have all been most professional whilst maintaining a friendly and welcoming manner to deal with. May 2020 be kind to you all, with good health and much happiness. Warmest regards.

Dear Kyah, Many thanks for being such a helpful, friendly and professional intermediary in our house purchase.  All our best wishes and thanks.

Hi Michael, Thanks for your efforts throughout this incident.  We wanted to simply thank you, your team and our landlord for the quick turnaround on the clean up, getting a temporary safety measure in place, and fixing the damage.

Dear Erica and Jonathan, I just wanted to thank you for your great assistance and help in the relet of our property.  You were so efficient and professional about all aspects of this transaction and the communication between us was first class.  For the past 3 years you have been fantastic with the customer care side of things especially having a little dog, which we know now is a no no to some landlords.  Your help was greatly appreciated.  Thank you.  I have no hesitation in recommending your services to anyone who needs an Estate Agent for both buying/selling and renting.  A great firm.  Top class.

Hi Adam,  Just wanted to say "Many Thanks" for your involvement today and for making the whole process a lot easier than it might have otherwise been.  Your participation from the outset was excellent - I have experience of commercial property agents which, through their apparent attitude of "maximum gain for minimal input" had made me wary when dealing with commercial agents. I am relieved to say that your approach has completely changed this perception and it is one that some in your profession would do well to copy. Your communication between myself and the other parties was outstanding.; the act of leasing a small shop was kept as it should be - a very straightforward process and not inflated into something grandiose, as has been my previous experience.  Once again, Thank You, it's been a pleasure meeting you.  

Dear Erica, By far, FSS has been the easiest and professional agency I have ever used, so thank you for making our time in Harrogate easy and enjoyable.  Also, please thank the landlord from us.

Thank you very much, Simon. I am very happy, as always, with your service.

Hi Richard, After having completed the sale of my property  I would like to thank you and the team at FSS for the service provided. I would like to call out how friendly and helpful all of my interactions have been. I would like to specifically call out Kyah Dent who I was dealing with, she has been very thorough throughout the whole process and made what is normally a stressful time a lot more manageable. Many thanks again, and I hope to be do more business in the future. 

Hi Jane, Yes we’re of course delighted. Thanks for you kind email. No we’re not buying another property at the moment, though we could not be more pleased with how FSS have dealt with both the let and the sale, truly outstanding service which is so incredibly rare no matter what sector or business, so we can’t thank you all enough.

Dear Michael,  I would like to thank yourself and all the staff I have had contact with at FSS (Eugene and Erica) for your professionalism and friendly manner at all times.  It seems letting a property is more complex than buying and selling and the demands that a tenant can make are all new to me.   Kind regards and thank you again to the whole team.

To the FSS Team, Thank you very much for the opportunity of work experience.  I have enjoyed it and I now have a better understanding about how property works.  Hope to see you in the future.

Richard, Jane and the FSS Team, Thank you so much for all your help.  Both Mum and I are very grateful for all your hardwork.  We would have no hesitation in recommending FSS to anyone needing a great Estate Agent.

Hi Kyah, I can’t thank you enough for all your help and support and advocacy during the sale of my house, my nightmares can be laid to rest.  Your professionalism and hard work has been amazing and I am forever grateful that you were at the helm of managing my sale. We are coming home for Christmas for a few weeks and I am definitely going to pop in and see you. It will be lovely to put a face to the name. Thanks Again. Take Care  

Dear Res Lets, Just wanted to say thank you for the prompt response (as usual) to my call about the back door lock. Daz arrived within a couple of hours and fixed it - also checked the front door - very efficient service! 

Many thanks for your kindness, efficiency and pleasantness and for being so obliging with our many visits to the flat.  Please enjoy these biscuits with your coffee/cuppa.

Simon, I just wanted to go on record to thank you and all your colleagues at FSS for such great service over the past couple of years.  Everyone there has been so helpful and responsive, nothing is too much trouble.  Both tenancies were achieved very quickly and yielded a great return on our investment since we had the cottage renovated in early 2017.  Please pass on our sincere gratitude to all the team. 

Lydia,  Just so you know, I am considering not continuing my tenancy when it ends in August. I am currently looking at a few other places, and might decide to move.  Please be aware, that this has nothing to do with the service provided or with the landlord. I have found the service at FSS to be exceptional and even my partner has commented that she is jealous at how easy it is to deal with you. The same with the landlord, as he has been very helpful and willing to assist with any and all issues.  I am just looking at moving to a larger place to live with my partner. I will notify you in writing as soon as i know but, but rest assured i will give at least the 30 days notice.  Thank you

Dear Adam, Many thanks for a job well done!  Looking forward to dealing with you in the near future.

Hi Kerry, Just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for all your help and for the lovely plant and card!   It was a pleasure to deal with you and Jane and I am very much looking forward to living in my new flat.    

Dear Charles, Firstly I want to thank you for the prompt sale of my flat. From start to finish the service and support FSS provided was excellent. In particular I want to express my gratitude to Kyah, who was a star throughout the whole process and offered many a times a listening ear and calming words, which kept me on track with what proved to be a somewhat testing sale. Her e-mail responses were incredibly swift and prompt and always professional and with a friendly tone. Her work was outstanding and above and beyond what I expect a negotiator to offer. Jane and Kerry also offered brilliant support and were always clued up on what was happening and Jane did take the brunt of my frustration a few times and dealt with it in an extremely calming manner, I thank her for that. I will always recommend FSS to anyone needing estate agency services. Thank you for an excellent and satisfactory experience. 

Many thanks Simon/ Eugene,  We are very impressed by the smooth handover.  I have passed on your details to my friends who are debating selling/ renting houses.

Dear Kerry, Thank you very much for the update.... wow that was quick!!!  I can’t believe it has finally happened... Well done to all the team at FSS!

To Richard, Kyah and Team, Thank you all so much for all your help and assistance.  It's been a panic from the very start, we eventually got there which is a credit to you and your business.

Dear Richard,  Just a short note to say thank you for your support for this years Brain Game. You did a  really magnificent job. The total raised is now approaching £125,000 which by any measure is a huge sum and without your contribution I know we could not have been so successful.  The name of Richard Smales has now become a key part of the event  and looking to next year I wonder if you would  consider giving up some of your valuable time to help us once again? The event will be towards the end of March with a similar format. I know its a big ask Richard and I hope you don”t mind the approach.  I look forward to hearing from you and  again thanks so much for helping our great cause.

Hi Erica, I would like to thank you and all the team for looking after us so well whilst we were the tenants at South Drive.   You are all extremely professional and it was a pleasure to deal with you.

Hi Jonathan,  I am writing this message to say thank you for your friendly, accommodating and professional attitude as a state agent. You came today to my flat on your own initiative, patiently answered all my questions and effectively sorted all my problems as “a new to the UK”tenant. And today was not the first time I notice your genuine attitude, you have been helpful every time I meet you.  I am really impressed and felt well looked after.  Many thanks for you and FSS, All the best

Dear Erica, That's excellent news! I do feel we've done well getting it sorted so quickly, and also a day or two earlier. I look forward for the final confirmation and in the meantime, well done to all at FSS for such a quick resolution!  

Dear Richard, I just wanted to say a huge thank you for agreeing to be our auctioneer at last week’s Yorkshire Brain Game and for helping make the event such a success. I do hope you and Karen enjoyed the evening.   We are absolutely thrilled that the live auction raised over £26,000 and that the overall total raised on the night was a record-breaking £120,000. A tremendous effort for the third Brain Game in Yorkshire!  Very many thanks again for supporting Marie Curie in this way. We are incredibly grateful.

Hello Kyah,  Thanks again to you, Kerry and Jane for all your valuable work, nerves and input. I very much appreciate all you have done.

Hi Kyah, We are indeed in and busy shifting boxes and furniture around the place.  Thank you very much for all of your help throughout this process, it is very much appreciated and I’m glad we’ve finally got to this stage! 

Hi Kyah,  I would like to just say thank you to you and everyone for all your work and speed at getting the property sold. 

Hi Erica, Thanks again for the contact over the last few years. You've been so easy to sort things out with.

Dear Charlie,  I'm writing to thank you all for the very efficient way you handled the selling of our flat at Bower Street, Harrogate, and I am grateful for all your help and advice.   It was a pleasure doing business with you.  

Good Morning Gaynor, Thank you so much for your excellent service. I will be sure to highly recommend you.

Hi Kate, Thank you for sight of the marketing brochure.  The house presents really well, testament to the hard work of Lorna and the trades involved.

Dear Eugene, Thanks for such a comprehensive email. This absolutely confirms why I choose FSS again and again

Dear Michael,  Thanks for your email. I am excited about all the renovation and would like to thank Georgia for all her work.

Hi Cathy  Well done! You deserve full credit for sticking with it and not giving up! I admire your determination to resolve this issue and we are very grateful to you for your time and effort. 

Dear Charlie,  Thank you for all you have done re. the sale of xxxxxxxxx and my move into xxxxxxxxxx. It has been so reassuring to know that you , Jane, Kerry and Kyah  have always been available with my questions etc. It was an exhausting day but I am very happy to have found such a lovely place to live.  I will certainly recommend FSS to anyone I know who is thinking of moving. I have already mentioned your name in the village. 

I have the excitement of Christmas in my lovely new home, thanks in no small measure to the hard work of your colleagues.  My best wishes to you all for 2019

Hi Kyah, Great news and many thanks for your patience. Wish yourselves all the best!  Kind regards 

Thank you Georgia,  you are really efficient.  I hope you have a lovely Christmas and New Year.  I am hoping to come to Harrogate sometime in January so maybe I'll meet you then?

Dear Kyah, I would like to thank you, and your colleagues for all your work and help during the sale of my mother’s house. I had every confidence in your experience and expertise to market, and bring the sale to conclusion. You made my life so much easier during an extremely stressful period.

Kyah, Many thanks to you and the team for all your help in the sale

Hi Erica, I hope all is well.  I thought I would take the time to write to you, just to say thanks for all of your help during our search for a property. I spoke to near enough every estate agent in Harrogate and Knaresbrough and you and your team were by far the best and most helpful from start to finish. We are pretty much fully settled in now and we are really enjoying the property.  From myself and Ian, thank you all very much. 

Dear Simon, I would like to thank each and everyone at FSS for all their help over our time at Cornwall House, especially Jonathan for his help during our final few weeks. His help and advice was very good.  Thank you all

Hello Kyah,   Yes, I'm very relieved to be at the end of a very long tunnel, always made lighter by you all at FSS,  I had lots of 'panic' times, as you know and you all were so kind, patient and reassuring that it would all be well in the end that I made it!  I will be singing FSS praises loud and long.

Hi Simon, Hope you are well. Just wanted to drop you a note to commend your Residential Mangement team for the way they managed the property that we recently vacated at Russell Street. Their general approach, efficiency and care shown throughout the tenancy, I think, are rare characterisitcs in that market... well done to you and all your mangement staff !  Best regards.

Dear Kyah,  Thank you for this note and recent telephone call.  Many thanks for all your, and the team’s help in marketing and selling mum’s house.

Simon, The family have various properties in Leeds and the letting agents, including xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx, are absolutely useless. When are you going to open an office in North Leeds?  With your service levels you would clean up! 

Good afternoon Richard.  Wow simply wow, I visited your auction today with interest in the Wedderburn Rd, property.   The experience is immense, at one point stood with hand over my mouth as the bidding crept and you stayed cool and kept it creeping, half here half there.   So much better than the TV and what a superb way to buy a property, no faff or waiting for months.  I plan to be back.  Best wishes

Hi Adam, Thank you for your email, we will authorise our solicitor to pay FSS on completion.  We would like to  say a big thank you to all at FSS involved in helping to sell the Terrace.  Wishing you all the very best for the future, Kind Regards 

Dear Karen,   Many thanks for this final statement.  We would like to convey our thanks and appreciation to the entire team for your efficiency in handling what could have been a very a sticky final exchange, but was not.  All instructions were so clear and together we got there!  Much appreciated too, has been all your dealings with our tenants over the past two years. Repairs were prompt and effective and complaints/damages on their side kept to a minimum. I would recommend your team to anyone!

Dear Simon, Thanks for getting back to me.  Thanks also for taking care of these final few maintenance items.  We are really please with everything that FSS has done and of course delighted that it proved so quick to get a new tenant. 

Dear Michael, I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you to you and the team for managing the property over the past 6 years, it has been very much appreciated

Dear Michael, Thank you and thanks to all the contractors and Lorna for their fantastic work.  Yes, we are happy to go ahead at the rent you suggest. 

Hi Dan,  We’ve got the survey report now - thanks for this, very comprehensive.    Dear Victoria,   I'm delighted you liked the report. We aim to please.  Your solicitor is quite right and I am pleased we highlighted this issue. After 20 years in the business, nothing continues to surprise me! 

Very happy with your treatment of the shower refurbishment of my property and everything else in both my HG properties. Please keep up the good work!

Jonathan, Thank you for your assistance regarding our stay at Park Side.  Your staff were at all times very helpful.  We enjoyed our time there whilst we found, bought and rebuilt our present property

Dear Richard,  Thank you for doing a wonderful job as auctioneer at the recent Yorkshire Brain Game and for helping to make the event such a success.  We were thrilled that the live auction raised over £15,000 and that the overall total raised on the night was almost £90,000. Thank you so much for your part in helping us to achieve this total!  Marie Curie

Sincerest thanks to you and your fabulous team.

Efficient service from FSS as always’ - I wouldn’t want to be with anyone else and won’t be leaving you!  ‘Bradleys were great as usual, please pass on my thanks’.

Hi Cathy, Thank you so much for having dealt with this letting so efficiently.

Dear Richard, Just to thank you and your team for the successful and problem free purchase of ?????.  I really appreciate the support and encouragement that you particularly gave me.  I know that I am going to be very happy here.  It just feels right!

The house looks very neat and clean, thank you for looking after it so well for the past 2 years. It is much appreciated

Thank you once again for our meeting today and for being so understanding, it really was against our wishes to have to vacate the premises but unfortunate deterioration in my health and the financial difficulties that have ensued, left us with no choice. We wish to thank all the staff at Feather Smailes and Scales for their continued professionalism and for the efficiency and care with which you managed the property and our personal needs at such a difficult time

Dear Jane,  We very much appreciate all the efforts on our behalf by everyone at FSS... will you please pass on our thanks to them all. 

Dear Kate,  What a great job. Really impressed and looks great. Thank you for the speed which you have dealt with the matter. Please do go ahead with marketing.

Hello Jane, Can we thank who ever it was who took the photos, they look amazing much better than the professional ones, they obviously are a secret budding photographer with huge untapped potential!!. Big thanks Joanna & Antonio

Dear Julie, Just a quick note to thank you sincerely for your kindness.  It’s so unusual in this day and age when persons, like your kind self, take a moment to assist others  With best regards, Jill

Hello Dan, You very kindly gave your time to us last year and unfortunately we were blindsided by unrealistic promises. We realise now you were the only honest agent and if you are willing we would like to work with you? We have bought a property so are getting pretty desperate to sell and although we’re happy to stay with xxxxxx we know with your contacts there’s a stronger chance of a sale.   Thanks for your time.  Hope to hear from you soon 

Hi Erica, Thanks for the letter.  More than happy to progress on the basis of the content of the letter in terms of offering a renewal of the tenancy for 12 months at the current rental.  Many thanks to FSS for taking such good care of everything on my behalf.

Lorna has been a terrific asset in sorting a recent heating system installation into my flat managed by FSS. When initial quotes seemed unrealistic she has been quick to look for alternatives whilst also ensuring that they ultimately met the aim of increasing the EPC rating, I have been consistently reassured that the end product would be the most viable solution and have been kept up to date both by email or phone calls. I have been impressed and pleased with the service and would like to ensure that this feedback is passed on to a manager.

Just a little thank you to you all and especially Kyah, could not have done it without you.

Thank you all for the "Yorkshire" white rose plant and the new home card. In the end everything seemed to go quite well and we must thank you all for your efforts in helping to sell xxxxxxx

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your kindness and integrity during the process for which we are extremely grateful.  We would have no hesitation in recommending you and your company in the future to anyone who may need your services. 

Hi Adam, Thank you for the photos, they are really good, thank Erica they are very professional, we received your mail today, we will call into your office on Friday with them, Kind Regards

Dear Michael, I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to FSS for making my time at Queens Rd an enjoyable and stress free accommodation experience. Kind regards

Hi Erica, Thanks for your incredibly speedy action over the renewal - you've earned your salary this month! We look forward to receiving the paperwork and will return it post haste. Thanks again, 

Hi Richard,  Just a quick note to say thanks to you and your team re our sale. Communication throughout the process was excellent.

Dear Kyah, Thank you very much to you, Jane and Kerry for all your work on the sale side. Really pleased how quick the sale went through after the tenants vacated.

Just to say thanks for the sterling work carried out by you (Kerry), Jane, Kyah and everyone else involved in securing another buyer for me. I am very grateful.

Thanks Erica, That is great, please thank the landlord we are very pleased with the arrangement, the house and the service fss provides 

To Jane and Kerry, we just wanted to say a big thank you for everything you did during the epic journey - all seven months of it.  What a rollercoaster!!  We got there in the end - so thank you!!  Please would you say thank you to Dan for steering us through negotiations too!!

Morning Siobhan, I’d just like to say that I / we really are most grateful for your help, assistance and ever present efficiency over the past few weeks. Best regards 

Hi Erica and Debbie   Thank you both so much for your quick responses to all the questions I asked.   Paul is here now with me in Colorado and we will discuss this today now that he's been able to sleep.   I should be able to give you a firm decision either way by the end of today (my time) which may be Tuesday for you.   I really appreciate your patience while we make a decision! As they say here, you guys are 'awesome' !!

Dear Adam, I am currently away but shall be returning to London in the middle of next week.  I shall then arrange payment of your invoice for your work.  Thank you for all your help in connection with letting out this property so smoothly.  It is much appreciated.  I would like to ask you to please visit the property in two months’ time by arrangement with the tenant to check that the planned works are in process and to check again finally in four months’ time that all the works have been completed in full.  Of course I will cover your costs in connection with carrying out these visits.

Hello Michael,  Now that our tenants have moved in, we just want to express our gratitude to you and your team for the excellent service that you’ve provided.  It was our first experience of letting a property, with many queries throughout the process, but they were always handled courteously and promptly by whoever we’ve contacted.  Our thanks to all concerned for the efficient manner in which you’ve achieved a satisfactory agreement for us. 

To Simon, Richard and Team, thank you for your recent support with the Wetherby RUFC Festival!  From all Under 11 Coaches, Players and Parents

Hi Richard, I also should have mentioned that the gentleman conducting the viewings was such a nice guy. Really cheerful and knew about the property. You have a really nice team.

Dear Richard, I’ve tried to ring you this morning but I won’t hassle you, I just wanted to say not only a personal thank you but also a thank you on behalf of the entire committee and the Trustees of The Rainbow Fund for your magnificence on Saturday night.  You are a fabulous auctioneer and a delight to have at an event!  We raised a total of £40,600! We apologise on behalf of all the very rude people at the back of the room who we tried and failed to make be quiet, they are no doubt the people who stole the 7 foot high Oscar statues that were found at 5am in the 3rd floor corridor of the Holiday Inn. That aside, it was a fabulous evening and I didn’t feel that I thanked you enough on the evening hence my email this morning.  Also a huge thank you to your wife for coming along as well, we hope you enjoyed the rest of the event.Kind regards

Dear Richard, Just a little note to say a very big thank you, for all your hard work on Saturday.  I found the spotting nerve wracking - I'd hate to try to auction, you were brilliant!  Everyone seemed to have a great night, we all did.  Its been a lot of hardwork and I'm looking forward to having a little holiday to recover!  Many thanks Richard, we do appreciate what you did.  Friedreich's Ataxia UK

Dear Jane, We completed on 6 Norfolk House today. Many thanks to the FSS team for 6 years of trouble-free rental followed by a quick sale.

Dear Miss Woodham,  I have just spoken to xxxxx and confirmed your instruction to proceed.  Thank you again for your very efficient assistance and we hope you have a thoroughly enjoyable holiday.

Dearest FSS, Thank you!  I've dealt with countless agents over the years and you are  simply the best!  Richard is a genius - you valued the house 125k more than ?? and boy when I got way more than the asking price, I'm hugely impressed!  The service @ FSS is second to none - the phone is answered promptly and any query I've had (or demand and I've had a few!) has been dealt with with speed and finesse!  Awesome.  Thank you!  What a stunning team!  First class!  Simply the best! 

Dear Richard, Leonie and I would like to thank you for all your efforts once again at this year's Charity Ball.  You really kept the momentum going as well as making the most out of the auction experience:  The phrase "I'd pay £2,000 not to see Justin Beiber!" will live long in The memory!!

Dear Erica, I would like to take this opportunity to thank yourself and all in the office for your help and guidance through which has been a very stressful period (tenant required a rental property when her home was flooded in December, 2015)

Good Morning Lydia and Michael, As you will probably know, xxxxx and I have now checked out and handed back the keys from the above property. There were no problems with the check out, so I’m told that our deposit will be returned in full this week.  I just wanted to send you a quick note to express our thanks for all your help – we have very much appreciated the professional and timely way that you dealt with the various issues that arose during our tenancy.  All the very best for the future.  Kind regards

We have loved living here; happy to recommend the property to other Americans if the landlord wants to continue to rent it out.  We have also appreciated the excellent service we have received from FSS.

"Hi Erica, I appreciate you've gone home now but I just wanted to say a massive thank you for your help this evening, I was completely flustered on the phone as it was such a fabulous property and exactly what I've been looking for and I'm aware of the interest it has had this evening."

"Thanks Adam, and thanks for everything you did to let the shop. You were great and very efficient as always. We wouldn't hesitate to use you again but hopefully not too soon! Thanks again, Jackie"

"Whilst writing I have to say how happy I am with the service from FSS, our son has his flat with another agent and the service and feedback he gets isn't great."

"Re other repairs, Mr Fawcett came on Monday to do the decorating & replace the fan in the bathroom & can I just say what a lovely man he is, very prompt & efficient and extremely friendly, my two year old loved watching him work while he chatted to her kindly. He has done a great job"

"Dear Ms. Forster, We would like to take a minute to mention how pleased we have been with Andrew’s work around the house. He has been very polite and friendly to all of the family. He has always been willing to work around our needs, inconveniencing us as little as possible. Additionally, he always ensures the property secured when he is the last to leave. What has struck us most about Andrew is how he has looked beyond the narrow focus of the job at hand to build a larger picture of the situation. For example, rather than just replace a bit of rotten wood, he looks for the cause, trying to prevent future damage to the property. He takes this approach to each task, and in doing so he now understands the property as a whole. As renters, we know it isn’t our responsibility or right to determine how the property is managed, as long as our immediate needs are satisfied. Seeing the care and long-term view taken by Andrew, you, and the owners is part of what has made living in this house a real pleasure for us."

"I would also like to says thanks for how quickly the issues were handled when we first moved in. I would appreciate it if you could pass on our thanks to Jeni who was fantastic with us"

"Hi Jane, Thanks for your email and, yes, we are thoroughly exhausted, relieved and happy that we have finally reached this point. We both want to thank you, Kerry, Richard and the team for your determined efforts and perseverance in selling our property…you must be as exhausted as we are! We are more than happy to approve your invoice - you’ve earned it! Best wishes and see you soon"

"Dear Erica, Many thanks to both yourselves and my current landlord for dealing with all my queries in such a professional manner and making my tenancy at this property an enjoyable one."

"Dear Cathy, Thank you all of you at Feather Smailes for all your help over the years, I have appreciated each and everyone of you for sorting things out."

"Dear Michael, Thank you for arranging the re-letting of the above flat. A very satisfactory outcome."

"Hi Simon, As you may already know, the purchase of Wensley Road is now complete. I wanted to say thanks for your help and also say how helpful Lydia has been over the past few years - thank you Lydia!"

"Hi Dan, Just wanted to say thank you very much for your help with the sale of East Parade. I had my fingers crossed all the way but it seems to have gone very smoothly in the end. I am sure the purchaser will be very happy with the building and its great location. Kind regards, Lesley"

"Thanks for being so helpful Erica. Will drop the contract in tomorrow or Monday at the latest. Not dealt with a better lettings agent in the last 9 years and that includes the one we rent our house out through."

"Just a quick email to say thank you very much to FSS lettings, especially Erica and Jo, for the assistance given in relation to Flat. Myself and Laura presumed the lettings process would be quite stressful so thank you for proving us wrong and making it a very pleasant experience. Many thanks Ryan and Laura."

"Hi Sarah, Thank you for that and for all your assistance during my happy tenancy in happy Harrogate".

"Simon, I have been meaning to send you and Kerry a note of thanks for the smooth way in which you secured and saw through the sale of the above property, satisfactorily enabling the tenant to remain in the house for a further year. Thanks to all your staff for making it happen so easily".

"I will recommend this flat to future contractors coming into Menwith Hill. I have really enjoyed my time there! I have enjoyed the flat so very much, and I do appreciate the good customer service FSS has consistently provided".

"Dear Mr Croft, I am just writing to you to express our gratitude to all the members of your staff concerned in the sale of our bungalow, their friendliness, understanding, knowledge and help during a tight time schedule was most appreciated. I would especially like to give a special mention to Jane Benson whom I spoke with most of the time and she had to take a lot of pressure from our buyer (and me!) and she was amazing. Once again many thanks".

"Finally, thank you for the excellent letting service you have provided to us over the past 3 years and look forward to working with you again sometime in the future."

"Dear Erica, It was lovely to talk to you this morning, as promised, I have read through your lease and it is all good (first time I have ever said that about a letting agents lease)." Relocation Agent

"We wanted to write to say thank you to you and all your team who have helped us over the 4 years in managing the letting of the property and in its final sale. We have very much appreciated your help, support and advice."

"Sarah, Thank you so much for the cheques received for the return of the deposit and the rent due after purchase in December- both much appreciated as has been the friendliness and efficient service I have received from all FSS employees since the initial rental over 4 years ago. If it is possible to pass this on to your "superiors" I would be much obliged. Keep up the good work.  Happy new year to you all."

"Dear Dan, I would like to express, on behalf or my fellow Trustees, our thanks for your advice and guidance on this matter. Your advice regarding the refurbishment was indeed well received and well put and we are very grateful for that as it certainly made the difference in achieving the letting."

"Dear Simon, We reported a fault yesterday (27/12/14) with our boiler and spoke to a member of staff on your lettings team called 'Gemma' I would email her directly but I don't know her surname. I just wanted to thank her for all that she did, not only was she very professional but very efficient and dealt with our problem immediately. Within less than 24 hours after speaking with her we had had engineers at the property and everything was back to normal. We are so impressed with the level of service we receive from FSS and this recent event just confirms that you are probably the best lettings agents within the Harrogate area. I hope you will pass on our sincere thanks to Gemma and everybody else that does a great job all year round. It really is appreciated"

"Dear Simon, Thank you for your e-card which I think is a very sensible idea. Also, a big thank you to all your staff whom I always found extreme helpful over the years in connection with my property. This was much appreciated by me as I was often in Australia which made communication more difficult. I commend their patience. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all."

"Dear Richard, I am writing to thank you both personally and on behalf of Ataxia UK for the tremendous support that you gave to the Masquerade Charity Ball on 1st November. The money is now all in and counted and I am delighted to tell you that we raised a substantial sum and this was significantly down to your fantastic skill and determination as our auctioneer. The impact that these funds will make on our research to find a cure for Ataxia can never be underestimated and I am very grateful for your support"

"To all, Thank you so much for all your hard work and professionalism"

"Thank you. You have access to some really good contractors. Please pass on our thanks to all staff at Feather Smailes who look after our house. It's been more than 10 years now."

"I just wanted to say thank you for getting the work done in our flat. He has done a brilliant job really pleased with it, he has been so tidy when he has left on a night, he has left no mess, we are both really chuffed with the work, so thank you very much"

"Morning Simon, Thanks for your note which was much appreciated. I am delighted that we have got a tenant for the winter and perhaps you will thank the girls for their hard work."

"Angela, many thanks for this statement recording recent income and expenditure on Flat 2 in particular pursuant to the reletting. I am delighted that we have been able to minimise the void period and have the flat occupied before the onset of winter. I am happy with the attached invoices and please pass on my thanks to Sarah and Lydia for coordinating this for me. I would like to thank you and your colleagues for handling this reletting in such an efficient and cost effective way and having had experience of other managing agents this is something I do not take for granted."

"Hello Richard, As Graham says you did a fantastic job for us on Saturday evening and Ataxia UK are very pleased with the sums that you managed to raise for us, your skills as an auctioneer made a big difference. It would be marvellous if you could help out with Grahams BBBR in York Sept 10th 2016 and I'm afraid I'm going to ask you again in November when we hold our Harrogate ball which I am planning to make an annual event."

"Hi Richard, a big thank you once again for your support, you are the MASTER and as always extract those extra pounds from our guests. On behalf of all us on the committee thank you so much and we'll let you know the final total as soon as we have it. Pass on our regards and thanks to Karen as well as I know you are missing quite a bit during the night...... you know the saying behind every good man is a great woman! Thanks Sue x " (Richard carried out the charity auction on Saturday night at The Royal Hall on behalf of Candlelighters)

"I have enjoyed the time I've lived at this beautiful flat. I'd like to thank the owners and yourselves for quickly resolving maintenance problems"

"Dear Rich & Simon, A belated but none-the-less heartfelt thanks for your generous hospitality on Saturday (TdeF) The food and drinks were gratefully received and I thought it was particularly good of you to organise some beautiful weather and to position your office opposite the finish line! All your efforts were much appreciated and made for a fantastic 'base' for all the festivities. I know a number of my fellow guests were very impressed and I hope that the seeds sown, will bear fruit in the future! I, for one, won't be taking my property business anywhere else! Thanks once again and best wishes, Johny, Jenny, Freddie & Lottie"

"Hi Michael, Just a quick note to say thanks for the brilliant work on 6AC! Erica tells me you have an A+ applicant in the system looking to take the property at the asking price from August 1. Difficult to fault that result!"

"I'd just like to mention how pleased we have been with how quickly and efficiently you have addressed all of the maintenance issues that have arisen since we have moved in."

"Dear Richard, Now that the dust has settled following the auction, I wanted to thank you, your father, Michael and the team at Feather Smailes and Scales for what was probably the best outcome we could have achieved at this point in time in the sale of the two properties. The appearance of the sink-hole could not have come at a more inappropriate moment for us but nevertheless, your work and efforts are very much appreciated. Kind regards."

"Hi Angela, Thank you for your acknowledgement of funds transferred to yourselves for payment, I would just like to say that over the last 8/9 months we have been doing business both yourself and the rest of the staff have been thoroughly professional and courteous to both me and my family which has been a difficult year for ourselves to say the least, so a big big Thank you"

"Thank you for coming round yesterday and speaking to me. We appreciate everything FSS do regarding our property, especially Lydia so thank you"

"Dear Kerry and Jane, Just to say a huge thank you for your help with the sale of Grey Street. You were both fantastic and so organised!! It was much appreciated and we were most impressed. Thanks again"

"Dear Michael, Thank you very much for the reference, it is very much appreciated. Please also pass on my thanks to your staff who deal with any queries quickly and efficiently. I wish all management companies were as good as this!"

"Hi Richard, Sorry I missed your call. We just wanted to say a huge thank you to you and your excellent team for helping us sell our house and buy our new one! And in record speed too! No one thought it would be possible to move so quickly!! I have already been recommending FSS!! We couldn't be happier in our new home and despite there still being several boxes to unpack, it feels very homely already. We hope you have a fantastic holiday and wishing you all a happy new year"

"Thank you so much for donating the mulled wine at this years school Christmas Fair. It made a big difference. The FSS banner looked great in the hall and was very eye catching! We are delighted to inform you that with your very generous support "All Saints" school have raised over a £1000 towards the play trail for the school children at our very successful Christmas Fair last Thursday! We are very grateful for your kind donation and so on behalf of all the PTA, staff, pupils and parents a BIG thank you to you!! Happy Christmas! From us all at All Saints C.E. School.

"We love the flat and will be gutted when we leave, the service from FSS has been great especially when a request to get something sorted has been handled quickly and efficiently by yourselves and we thank you for this as some letting agents are a nightmare to deal with"

"Hi Michael, Just a quick email to thank you for everything you did to help me sort my overage claim out, it was really very much appreciated. My buyers are moving in on Friday, so it’s full steam ahead for us as it’s not quite finished "

"To Richard, Jane and Kerry, We would like to say a very big, in fact, huge thank you for the professional and efficient way that you all dealt with the sale of our property in a difficult time."

"Dear Jane, Thank you for all you've done throughout our purchase. We much appreciated your helping in any way you could to facilitate site visits and so on. Your expert liaising between us was critical and highly valued. You are a real asset to FSS!."

"We have loved living at this property and would like to thank you for making us feel very welcome and assisting us throughout the year. We would be extremely grateful if you could pass on our thanks to the landlord."

"It has been a real pleasure to rent through Feather Smailes Scales LLP and I have loved the flat and hope the next tenant enjoys it as much as I have."

"Thanks again, FSS is by far the most efficient, professional letting agents we have dealt with"

"Dear Joe, I would like to take this opportunity of thanking you for your kind assistance in this matter I do appreciate the courtesy and help you gave me."

"To everyone at FSS who has helped looked after our home whilst we have enjoyed our Australia adventure - Thank you!!."

"To all at Feather Smailes Scales LLP. Thank you for all your hard work and putting up with my constant phone calls."

"Hi Michael, Just a quick line to say many thanks for the courses which you delivered yesterday. They were very helpful and informative, if a little mind boggling!! I don’t think Claire and myself spoke until we were nearly home we were so absorbed in thought!! Hope you had a safe journey home. "

"Dear Michael, We are writing, on behalf of the NFoPP Board, to thank you very much for the hard work and effort that you have put into developing new qualifications, such as the Level 4 Certificates. The Board also recognises the work carried out in maintaining the high standards for the Level 3 qualifications. The Board knows that, in order to ensure that all our qualifications are available and maintained to a high standard, everyone involved gives a huge amount of commitment towards achieving the success of them. This is very much appreciated and has been particularly noted by the Board."

"Joe, I need hardly say how delighted I am that you have found a tenant for this part of the complex in these hard times. I must compliment you on having done a first class job."

"Erica, may I take this opportunity to thank yourself and FSS for your time and efforts during our time at the property. I would highly recommend the use of your company to others"

"Simon, I'd like to thank Feather Smailes Scales LLP for your professional and excellent service throughout our 3 year tenancy"

"Michael, at long last I think we have a date for signing the lease on the first quarter day. What a marathon it has been and you have guided me through the process, as always, with the utmost professionalism, astuteness and pragmatism"

"Simon, Just wanted to update you on Saturday the race night raised a total of £2,106 for Martin House, including £1,063 in bets on the night and the rest from ticket and horse sales prior to the event. Thank you so much again for sponsoring the Cava on arrival"

"Dear Kerry, Many thanks for all your hardwork in looking for a buyer. I hope you enjoy the biscuits"

"Dear Kerry, We'd just like to say a massive thank you for all your help over the past few months, on our purchase of Harlow Avenue. You have really helped everything go so smoothly! Thanks again!"

"Thanks for your guidance, it was helpful, and I would not hesitate to recommend Feathers to anyone. Please thank Richard for his input too"

"To Kerry and all the staff at Feather Smailes Scales LLP, thank you so very much for all your efficient and professional service from start to finish"

"Hi Sarah, You and the other staff have been great , and I will not hesitate to reccommend you to other potential clients"

"I am writing this mail to express my heartfelt gratitude and to say thank you for all your effort, hard work and guidance. It was a nice experience to get involved with an auction property and at a very critical time but the hard work and suggestions from all of you paid off and I will cherish these moments all my life. I sincerely hope to be meeting/chatting with you in very near future, once again thank you to all."

"We would like to commend Sarah on her swift response on Saturday in sorting our heating issue might just be the fastest response time to date we were very pleased."

"Hi Simon, It appears that we’re “completed”. Just to say thank you for the usual efficient and friendly FSS service. This has been important as we’ve had to deal with this remotely and you picked up and dealt with the lease/deposit issues. It’s been as if we weren’t hundreds of miles away and it could easily have got messy"

"Michael, I just wanted to thank you for the very professional way in which your firm has been handling the management of York Place. As regards Flat 1, I was delighted with the letting particulars and my contact with Helen and Erica regarding marketing and applicants. Let’s see what happens now and I hope a good tenant materialises. I am sure it will under your stewardship. Best wishes for Christmas"

"Mr Smailes, I wish to thank you very much for the support that you two have given me prior and during the Auction. This being my very first experience at the Auction I was unaware of what action to take and not sure that I would be able to control my nerves, however with your support and you being in front and alongside I got all the confidence that anyone would need to have. My success in acquiring the property is due to both of you. I am also thankful the way it was conducted; although it was apparent that the price would go above the guide price but the control in its increment was admirable. Simultaneously, the confidence I was given by you being alongside me and constantly reminding me of the situation"

"Mr Smailes, I would like to thank your Sales team for a smooth and speedy sale, during which Kerry provided friendly assistance. Secondly, could you please pass my thanks on to the Lettings team for all their work over the years and especially Sarah Johnston who provided a consistency of support and help"

"I have been so happy with your management of the tenancy. Everyone I have met or spoken with at FSS has been extremely polite and helpful."

"Richard, I'm writing a heart-felt thank you to you for playing a major part in making Thursday's dinner such a success. I've already received lots of thanks from various people all saying what a good evening they had and how well it flowed. That was in large measure due to you, the AUCTION made over £2000.00. Brilliant! Thanks again from the entire Motor Neurone Disease team. Tony "

"Hi Michael, Thanks for the brilliant job you did last week in filling in for Derek on the training course. As you saw from the delegate evaluation forms, they were very happy with the course. I hope you have had a chance to recover! It was a pleasure to meet you and perhaps I will again in the future!"

"Dear Charles, Just a note to let you know that the sale of the cottage is now complete with the cash safely tucked away in our bank account. I also wish to place on record our complete satisfaction with the service we received from FSS and in particular all the help you provided. In the current economic climate it must be very rare if not unknown to achieve the marketing and sale of a property in barely two months, I'm still pinching myself!!! so thanks again."

"To The Feather Smailes Scales LLP Team, We want to say thank you so much for everything you have done for us! Renting the flat from you was a pleasure, real pleasure!!"

"I would like to thank all your staff for their help and kindness to me, especially Erica throughout my tenancy and hope that I may, sometime in the future, rent through you again. "

"Thank you for allowing me to stay in a wonderful flat during my time in the UK."

"Dear Michael, If I haven't thanked you before, thank you for carrying out the survey for us at the former School site. I appreciate how difficult it must be to put a valuation on such an unusual site but welcomed your clear, rational explanation and valuation. "

"We would both like to thank you for services during our tenancy, your response, communication and manner to all queries, was excellent and would certainly recommend"

"Thanks Kerry, You and your team have always gone out of your way to ensure our best interests are served. We do appreciate all the efforts and the patience when the people in the house were very difficult!"

"Again, we can't thank you enough for sticking to the tight timescales involved here, and would have no hesitation recommending your services!"

"it is an enormous relief to have come out of Countrywide and it is a pleasure to deal with your (Lettings) team whose approach is much more akin to my own”

"Many thanks for the open communications. From past dealings with other agencies it has often been the case that actually speaking with the local agency is a thing of the past, it is very much appreciated that you and your company DO communicate with us regularly and effectively. Thank you Feather Smailes and Scales :)."

"Dear Mr Lythe, Following the launch of the CAN Pilot at the beginning of the month, it is encouraging to note your efforts and continued support with the reports that we have received so far to date. It is a pleasure working with you and trust that our mutually beneficial relationship will flourish further going forward. Well Done!."

"Thanks Guy. Undoubtedly the quickest turnaround on a valuation ever !!!!."

"Angela, Thank you for the update that’s just what I wanted to hear ie a pragmatic close management of the situation to bring things up to date."

"I write to thank you for your kind attention during our recent business done through your office. We found the staff in the Lettings Dept to be efficient and friendly and all was arranged without any problem."

"I would like to thank you all, over the last three years I have found you all to be very professional and I would most definitely look to rent through you again in the future"

"Take care, and thanks to you all for doing such an amazing & effective job. We are very impressed that you managed to get new tenants in so quickly".

"Dear Richard Many thanks for your support to Candlelighters, it is very much appreciated. May I also say how much we enjoyed the auction. You were so entertaining for our guests and the success of the evening was, in no small part, due to you.".

"Dear Richard and all the staff at Feather Smailes Scales LLP. Thank you so much for all your help in moving Aunty Margaret. From all the family x".

"Simon, I seem to be very fortunate in keeping the cottage occupied, thanks to your efficient service and would like to thank you and your team.".

"Dear Charles, I am delighted to report that I have now received a cheque from my solicitors following the sale of my property. It has, at times, been a very trying experience - much beyond anything I have encountered in my life previously. I dare say that there have been elements that even you, with your substantial background in property matters, have not come across either. No matter, we have achieved the necessary outcome and it would be remiss of me not to take this opportunity to thank you for your pivotal role in getting us there. Your colleagues were unfailingly polite and helpful throughout and I am totally convinced that it was your personal intervention and professionalism which won the day in securing the sale for me. My thanks for all of that and my very best wishes for the future. If anyone should seek my advice as to appointing an Estate Agents, for whatever reason - sale (conventionally or auction), letting, commercial etc etc - Feather Smailes Scales LLP would be the only name on my list. ".

"Gill, I confirm safe receipt of the valuation report in respect of the above property. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for kind consideration to this matter and speedy response.".

"Simon, thank you for the swift and efficient renewal of this tenancy. We are pleased to retain the tenants and to avoid a void period".

"I was absolutely delighted with the way the tenants respected and are keeping the property and this report shows this too. I couldn't ask for better and feel very grateful, it's a huge relief ".

"Michael, Please also, if the opportunity arises, pass on my personal thanks for taking such good care and also leaving us with a spotless property".

"May I thank you for helping me to find such pleasant accommodation in Harrogate".

"We were really pleased with the way you handled the challenges of the rental and would certainly recommend your services".

"Dear Helen, Thanks for your quick action on this aswell, it puts certain other more national practices to shame".

"Thank you again Joe for the efforts you have put in here on our behalf".

"I must also say that from the very moment that Susan began looking for a flat to rent, she was impressed by the friendliness and helpfulness of your staff at Feather, Smailes & Scales, in marked contrast to one or two other letting agents in Harrogate!".

"I admire the tenacity you have displayed in finding a tenant for this commercial property which, clearly, has not been easy in these difficult times. Thank you again Joe for your help, advice and perseverance".

"Thank you to you all for making today possible. You have provided a wonderful service and have been very kind"

"I do hope the tenants renew and this tenancy runs a similar course to the last one. They became very good friends and have invited our family to America. THANK YOU AND YOUR TEAM FOR EXCELLENT SERVICE"

"Simon, Thank you very much, I am sure that your expertise and sound advice is largely responsible for this outstanding auction result"

"Thank you for helping make the last three years enjoyable, I would recommend your lettings agency and this property to anyone looking to live in Harrogate"

"Richard, What can I say but a massive thank you to not only yourself, your Dad, but also Alice for all your time, effort and hard work in managing to complete the sale of my property. I am sure I drove you all completely mad but I am so relieved we got there in the end. Alice is a credit to your Company and gave me all the time in the world no matter how many times I rang - thank you and as for you Richard you were always so patient and understanding and I cannot thank you enough."

"Thank you for all your hard work within the Auction Team! I admire your professionalism and expertise in this field of the property market!"

"Thanks again for all your hard work at Feather, Smailes & Scales. You have brought me the nicest Christmas present ever and I am still trying to take it in, the end result of £255,000 for our house! I shall recommend your company to anyone as you are dealing with all things concerning in a very professional manner but staying human at the same time.

"Many thanks for your efforts in respect of our property sale, it was much appreciated"

"My dealings with your office were always dealt with in an efficient, respectful and good humoured way. I appreciated the prompt service of your maintenance department when called upon."

"Thank you for all of your help and it has been a pleasure dealing with Feather Smailes Scales LLP. Everyone has been so helpful and friendly."

"I really appreciate the time you spent with me today it was great to speak with someone who is so knowledgeable and extremely helpful. Once again thank you and I look forward to speaking to you tomorrow."

"May I take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for your help and advice in dealing with this property."

"We cannot thank you enough for your assistance during our rental period and would hope as soon as we have a confirmed sale of our property we can look to use you again in the very near future as we continue to search for our dream home in Harrogate."

"May I take this opportunity on the completion of the sale of my late father's property to thank you and your staff for dealing with the matter so efficiently and professionally. It has been a pleasure dealing with Feather Smailes Scales LLP and we have no hesitation in recommending your services to others in the future."

"I was extremely pleased with the service that you and your colleagues provided, everyone at Feather Smailes Scales LLP was very attentive, courteous, prompt and friendly. Should I find myself in such a situation again, I assure you your company will be my first call!"

"I would like to express my thanks and appreciation for all you did towards the sale of the property and all the previous years of management."

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your excellent professional service. I am extremely grateful to the length of time it took to let the property and the ease in which you made it. I will be recommending Feather Smailes Scales LLP to others, as I know you offer a first class service."

"It has been a wonderful experience for us here in England. Our stay here in Harrogate could not have been better. We do appreciate the care and attention you and your company have shown us during our tenancy. Several of our friends have asked how we managed to find such a beautiful place to live. We have simply referred them to you."

Is Now a Good Time to Buy a House?

Is Now a Good Time to Buy a House?

Posted on June 12, 2024

At FSS, we are aware that elections have traditionally introduced tension in the property...