Frequently Asked Questions

At FSS we have a professionally qualified team of RICS Regulated Valuers & Chartered Surveyors who will answer your questions and advise you on the best survey for your new home. We have provided blelow the answers to the most frequently asked questions on home surveys however please contact us on  01423 534 189 or for further information.

Why do I need an independent survey?

On commissioning your own survey we will give you the opportunity to discuss matters of particular concern before the survey is carried out and then ask questions about the report once it has been completed.

Should I discuss the report with my solicitor?

The reports are often essential in helping your solicitor carry out the appropriate searches, i.e. ownership of boundaries, rights of access, whether local authority consents were obtained for extensions, loft conversions, wall removal etc. The surveyor is the solicitor's eyes within the property.

Will the Homebuyers report include a valuation?

Yes, the surveyor's professional opinion of value will also be given, along with particular features of the property which might affect its present value and may affect its future resale valuation.

Do I need a survey if I have a Mortgage Valuation report?

Even if you are paying for a Mortgage Valuation report it is still advisable to arrange a survey by your own surveyor, because The Mortgage Valuation is prepared for the lender. It answers only specific questions concerning the security for the loan. The report is brief and seldom extends to more than a few paragraphs and should not be relied upon to answer questions which concern your personal interests. You will not be able to discuss the Mortgage Valuation with the surveyor; you might not even get to see a copy of the report.

Can I use the report to renegotiate my offer?

Yes, if something unforeseen is highlighted in the report, such as damp issues, beetle infeststation defective electrics defects within the roof space etc then these can be a legitimate argument for the offer price to be reduced, sometimes by thousands of pounds. If defects are significant you may wish to pull out of the purchase altogether. The report we will provide you with may be hard evidence for reducing the offer made if significant defects are found.


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