Posted on Tuesday, August 15, 2017

How to prepare a property for sale

When potential buyers view a property, the quality of the décor and choice of colours can make a strong first impression which is why people often plan well ahead to prepare a property for sale.

Farrow & Ball’s Harrogate colour consultant Kate Osborne has helped lots of prospective vendors choose colours that add style and flow, making the most of their home’s unique features.

We followed Kate on one of her assignments for a Harrogate couple who were renovating a house ready to sell.

Kate started by talking about the reasons for decorating. There can be a big difference between the colours people choose for a home they will be living in for many years and one they want to sell quickly. She also wanted to know a bit about the people who lived there, whether there were practicalities to consider such as small children or pets and how each room was used.

The colour consultation was a collaborative process, during which the home owners were very much involved in the decision making. As Kate evaluated each space, she selected colours that would work well with the light, architecture and purpose of each room. She also considered the connection between rooms to give the whole property unity of style and colour.

Kate looked at every aspect of the room, assessing the position of furniture, shelving and window dressings as well as the surfaces to be decorated. As well as advising on suitable colour combinations, she gave some useful tips on making the most of each room’s features. 

Our own “house doctor” Kerry, an expert on how to prepare a property for sale, was on hand too. She was able to share her thoughts on maximising the property to appeal to buyers. The whole process took just over an hour after which time the home owners felt as if they had experienced a complete interior design consultation and were far more confident about preparing their home to sell.  

If you put your house on the market with Harrogate estate agents FSS you will receive a free Farrow & Ball colour consultation

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