Additional Non-Optional Fees & Cost Guidance Note

Guide to additional fees and costs when buying property/land at auction


If you are a successful Buyer there may be additional non-optional fees and costs to be paid in addition to the sale price. These costs can be fixed or variable and can be affected by a number of factors such as the price paid and/or the nature of the Buyer. To assist you we set out below examples that may apply.

The following list is not meant to be fully comprehensive, but rather is a guide as to what to look out for and where you can find the relevant information to allow you to make an informed purchasing decision.

There may be other non contractual additional costs that arise directly a consequence of your property purchase and it is your responsibility to ensure you are aware of these before bidding.

Due Diligence

The circumstances of each sale are unique and it is important that you carry out the necessary due diligence before you purchase a property at auction so you are clear on what you are buying. If you have any doubts as to what you will be paying in addition to the purchase price you should obtain your own independent third-party professional advice to review documentation and give you further advice.

Depending on the nature of your query a solicitor, surveyor or accountant may be able to assist. You, or your advisors, should check all the available information including the Sales Particulars, Conditions of Sale, Common Auction Conditions (or Articles of Roup for Scottish properties), any Special Conditions of Sale for each Lot, the Legal Pack, any published Addendum relating to the Lot or Auctioneer’s pre-auction announcement before the Lot is offered for sale.

Examples of Non Optional Costs and other Additional Costs which may be applicable are:

It is important to recognise that the above is not an exhaustive list and Buyers should carry out the appropriate due diligence, with professional advice, before they buy a property at auction.

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