Posted on Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Winterproof your home – tips from a Yorkshire property consultant

As the coldest winter months draw in we look at how you can turn your home into a cosy sanctuary.

1. Layering Game

Drape a throw or two over your couch or chaise to instantly amp up the snug factor in your living room. Think about using contrasting textures and shades to add depth, warmth and character.

2. A Winter Haven

Filling your bedroom with candles, low light lamps and cushions will make your bedroom more inviting when the rain and wind gets too much. Warning: it may be even harder to get out of bed on frosty mornings. 

3. Pile ‘Em High

Who said you had to stick to just one rug? A simple layering technique will ensure feet stay cosy all day long. Try layering a faux fur Nordic style rug over a patterned woven jute design for a true interior style statement.

4. Light Up Your Fire

There’s nothing quite like crashing in front of the fire after a refreshing, if not blustery winter walk in the Yorkshire Dales. Move your sofa extra close and keep a wicker basket of logs nearby for topping up. Hot chocolate and mulled wine optional.

5. Warming Aromas

Look to candles with a warm, spicy aromas such as cinnamon and tangerine to create a festive and intimate atmosphere. Scatter them over the dining table for cosy dinners or around the bath for an ultimate relaxing treat.

6. Create a Nook

It’s only nearly a year later but what a better time to start on all those books you told yourself you would read last New Years. Find a cosy corner, fill it with down pillows, hang up some fairy lights and you’ll never want to leave the house again. 

7. Outside In

If you are not daring enough to brave the elements, bring some nature inside. Arrangements of scented pine, red berries and fluffy cotton will brighten up dark days. 

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