Why property chains break and how to avoid it


Posted on Saturday, January 18, 2020

Why property chains break and how to avoid it

When you’re selling your home, finding a buyer and seeing the SOLD sign go up might feel like the end of your journey. In reality, the time between a sale being agreed and completion is when the quality of your estate agent and solicitor can really make a difference.

A recent news article highlighted a growing blame culture between estate agents and conveyancing solicitors when problems arise during this tricky period.

We are very fortunate at FSS that we have a very good working relationship with the solicitors and conveyancers we use and sales generally progress well as a result. We find that the key to reducing frustration on all sides is to keep everyone informed so that they accept the timing.

Sometimes it just isn’t possible to avoid a sale falling through but there are things we do at FSS to minimise the risk.

Checking the chain: As soon as an offer is made, we will check the chain to make sure there are no potential issues which could prevent buyers at all links from being able to proceed. We won’t advise a seller to take a property off the market until we’re absolutely sure the chain is secure.

Communication: Buyers have become more unpredictable in recent years. This could be because of Brexit and the economic challenges we have faced over the past decade but it means that problems with a survey or timescales can make buyers jittery and cause them to pull out suddenly. We keep in regular contact with both buyer and seller to provide updates and reassurance.

Managing expectations: Most people move house fairly infrequently which means they might not have been through the process for a long time. This can mean they have unrealistic expectations about how long conveyancing takes and what steps need to be gone through before a moving date can be agreed. We keep in touch with the solicitors on both sides and pass on any relevant information to keep everyone updated.

Our experience helps to reduce frustration and the risk of a sale falling through, which is why we’re known for the quality of our service, transparency and trust and value for money.

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