Tips on how to prepare your home for sale this Autumn


Posted on Monday, September 9, 2019

Tips on how to prepare your home for sale this Autumn

Autumn is a great time of year to get your house back in tip top shape and property sales can really ramp up after the summer holidays as buyers are keen to move before the festive period.   If you’re thinking of selling your home we have some helpful hints on how to make it shine!

The basic rules still apply:

  • Clear away any bulky or unsightly items and de-clutter
  • Clean all window sills and frames
  • Replace door mats 
  • Repaint front doors
  • Keep the driveway clear when potential buyers arrive so they can park easily

Now for the extra touches to make your home stand out this Autumn: 

First impressions

Gardens can lack colour in the colder months so stock up on some seasonal plants.  If you don’t have a lot of space, add hanging baskets or tubs to give a colourful greeting.  Even in the Autumn there are some great flowers and foliage that can be used to brighten up the outside of your home. 

Make sure to keep your lawns cleared of leaves.

Keep rubbish and garden bins tucked away and out of sight.

Make sure all pathways are weeded and clear.

A warm welcome

Lighting during the shorter days is key.

Make sure all outside lights are working and replace bulbs inside.

Light a fire or use candles to make your house warm and cosy.

Put the heating on an hour before viewings.

Use autumnal smells like pine cones and Cinnamon.

Add some new pillows or blankets in rich brown and orange hues.

We hope these autumnal tips have inspired!


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