Posted on Monday, February 6, 2017

How Using a Traditional Estate Agent Made One Homeowner £67,500

Traditional estate agent services are facing strong competition from online services at the moment but one recent news headline has proved that choosing a local property specialist can make a big difference to the final selling price.

An estate agent in South West England was called in to help a lady who was selling her property privately. Her builder had suggested she get a second opinion on price before signing on the dotted line and it turned out to be a smart move.

The estate agent discovered that she was selling her home for far less than its market value. He gave her an accurate valuation and she ended up selling her home for £67,500 more than the original offer.

At FSS we pride ourselves on achieving the best possible price for our vendors. We do this by using our extensive experience of the local property market to value each property accurately. We then negotiate skillfully on their behalf and invest time in managing the sale right through to completion. 

This news story highlights the benefits of using a local estate agent who knows every street and style of property in your area. It also proves that although it may be tempting to sell a property privately to avoid the cost of an estate agent, those agency fees can prove to be an investment if you receive the correct professional advice and realise the full value of your home. 

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