How Landlords Can Adapt to Offer Pet Friendly Rentals


Posted on Friday, February 19, 2021

How Landlords Can Adapt to Offer Pet Friendly Rentals

Pets have become more popular than ever during lockdown and here at FSS we have seen a huge rise in the number of tenants looking for pet friendly rental properties in and around Harrogate.

Landlords are understandably hesitant to allow pets in their rental properties, raising concerns about damage to carpets and other fixtures and fittings and additional work that might be required before re-leasing a property after a pet owner has vacated.

Becoming pet friendly

There are advantages to allowing tenants with pets. Most pet owners find it difficult to secure a pet friendly rental so when they do, they often stay for a longer period, preventing voids in your property.

Pet owners may also be willing to pay a bit more to take into account the extra house guest and to sign up to additional conditions to ensure any damage is rectified or extra cleaning undertaken before they leave.

Putting your fears at rest

There are a few things that can help to ease your worries: 

  • Meet a prospective tenant’s pet.
  • See vet records to make sure the animal is cared for.
  • Check if the pet is suitable for your property.
  • Request references from their previous landlord.
  • Rental increase for pet consent.
  • Have the tenant agree to a pay for a professional deep clean when ending the lease.

At FSS we have a lot of experience of managing pet friendly rental properties on behalf of landlords. If you are considering whether or not to allow pets in your property, talk to us about what to consider and how to make sure it works well for you. Contact us on 01423 501211.

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