Posted on Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Don’t curb their enthusiasm: increase your kerb appeal!


The Bradford-born artist David Hockney once advised that you should “always live in the most ugly house on the street – then you don’t have to look at it”.  But at FSS, we believe that our homes don’t just have to be beautiful inside, the outside counts too. Increasing your property’s kerb appeal has numerous benefits:

1)   It can make you feel proud about returning home; 

2)   It gives your home that instant WOW-factor: first impressions count! 

3)   A tidy frontage can inspire your neighbours to spruce up their property – the whole street could take on a whole new look 

With spring truly sprung, daylight stretching further into the evening and National Gardening Week (10-16th April) also on our doorsteps, there is no excuse not to extend your Spring-clean to the front of your house.

What can you do?

Step outside – and take a look. What immediately jumps out as things that need improving?

These small steps can be essential early ones to improve your home’s kerb appeal. For the more adventurous, or for those with more time some saved cash handy, can you -  or do you need to -  

How else might this help?

It’s widely understood that exercise can lower blood pressure, improve mood and self-esteem, but what might be less well-known is how gardening (by exercising and interacting closely with the natural world) can positively affect mental health too

With RHS’s National Gardening Week just around the corner, it’s a great time to get outside and start making changes. The aim of the week is to get more people out into their – or a public – garden and learn and develop their skills and confidence levels. You’ll probably find the whole street out in force to improve the whole kerb’s appeal! 

DON'T FORGET - when you sell your home with FSS estate agents we offer a free home staging service where our house doctor will visit your home and help you make the most of its features for viewings. 


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