Posted on Thursday, November 16, 2017

All You Need to Know About Moving to Knaresborough
There can’t be many towns in Yorkshire that are as photogenic as Knaresborough. A persuasive argument comes in the elegant form of a viaduct whose Victorian arches curl into expansive ovals reflected in the River Nidd below.
Knaresborough is festooned with historical and geological esteem and intrigue. The ruins of the old fortress that claws into the clifftop gives evidence, through a gnawed smile, of what was a mighty past. Let's skim over some big moments:
1) The castle was the northern seat of King John, and before that, its walls once hid the assassins of Thomas Becket.
2) Soothsayer and prophet, Mother Shipton, was - allegedly - born in a tourist hotspot that now bears her name. Legend has it that she predicted the end of the world would come if the neighbouring bridge (High Bridge) was to collapse three times. (Current collapse tally: 2 - but don’t let this put you off your move).
3) Think North Yorkshire Spa Town: you’d probably think Harrogate. Arguably overshadowed by its larger neighbour now, it wasn’t always the case. In the latter part of the sixteenth century many eminent travellers visited Knaresborough for their mini-break.
We’ve already mentioned the River Nidd that flows through the town. Worth a mention is the Nidd Valley Gorge that cuts steeply through the countryside just outside Knaresborough. Miles of trails are etched into this National Forest - so there is plenty to explore for even the most ardent adventurer. You don’t have to venture much further to enjoy the wonder of the Yorkshire Dales or the North York Moors.
If you’d prefer something closer to home, Jacob Smith Park is a beloved public space that has been volunteer-led for the best part of a decade. Take the nature trail to appreciate the ancient trees kept within the stone-walled perimeter.
With a proud past, and an eye-catching geology, how does Knaresborough seem today? Nature trails and tourist trails meander along the river past its mystic past, and beautiful gardens offer tranquility beneath the crumbling crenellations of the castle in Bebra Gardens.
Community is strong here and is seen at its best during the annual Knaresborough Bed Race, when people of all ages come together to cheer on the participants (if they’re not involved themselves). And then there's the Duck Race when 5000 plastic ducks race down the river on New Years Day. 
Knaresborough is a bustling town with a village feel, a strong sense of community and a superb location between Harrogate, York and Leeds and within easy reach of the market towns of Ripon, Thirsk and Boroughbridge. It's worth mentioning though that with its busy high street, popular weekly market and thriving arts scene, once you've moved in you don't really need to leave. 

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