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With every FSS board, we plant one tree.

We have joined forces with a tree planting agency, so that you know whenever we are instructed you are also helping to help us save our world!

We are all much more aware of the need to be greener, as such all of us at FSS wanted to contribute to reducing our carbon footprint.

We are conscious of numerous things we can do to help, such as staycations, recycling, sustainable energy, greener cars etc and they all have divergent arguments as to how green they actually are!

We therefore, to try and improve our green footprint, have decided to plant a tree for every single board we place on property or land we have for sale or to let, across sales, lettings, auctions and commercial property.

Trees are without doubt the lungs of the earth and are essential to our future wellbeing on this wonderful planet, we feel the physical planting of a tree couldn’t be more demonstrative of our wish to improve the environment.

So please, help us, help you, help our world!

Plant A Tree