Tenant Application Form

Each Person Who Will Be Living In the Property Needs To Complete A Separate Application Form



RIGHT TO RENT SCHEME – required at application – Passport, or, National Identity Card, or, Visa

PROOF OF RESIDENCY - required at application – Document showing tenants address – Driving Licence, or, Gas/Electric/Water/Telephone bill less than 3 months old, or, Recent Council Tax bill


Preferred Occupation Date* (this will be the rent due date throughout the tenancy)


Household information (name of ALL proposed occupants of property including under 18s)

Number of occupants*:


Date of Birth*:


Date of Birth*:


Date of Birth*:


Date of Birth*:


Date of Birth*:


Date of Birth*:


Date of Birth*:


Date of Birth*:


Date of Birth*:


Date of Birth*:


Date of Birth*:


Will the property applied for be your only or principal home?

Are you or any member of your household intending to reside at the property smokers?


The signatories understand that completion of this application form does not commit F.S.S. LLP to make an offer of a tenancy. The signatories consent to F.S.S. LLP making confidential enquiries as to financial status using a Credit Reference Agency and have declared all County Court Judgements (if any) on this form.


At FSS, we are committed to respecting and protecting your privacy. Information supplied by you will be held on our computer systems in accordance with current data protection law (GDPR). By signing this application form you agree to sharing your personal data with us as part of our relationship with you as property agent and for us to share your information with business partners, suppliers, sub-contractors and utility providers/managers working on our behalf for the purposes of completing tasks and providing services to you. We may also use your information to send you information which we feel may be relevant to you in relation to properties, events and property news. We will never sell or rent your information on to third parties. Full details of our privacy policy can be provided on request and are also available to view on our website www.fssproperty.co.uk.


Before your application can be fully considered, you will need to pay a part security holding deposit as detailed below for the property you are interested in. Below we explain what happens to that holding deposit and the circumstances in which the deposit will or will not be refunded. It is important you know your legal rights, you should feel free to seek independent legal advice before signing this or any other document we might put before you.

On receipt of your holding deposit, current legislation stipulates the necessary paperwork should be completed within 15 days or such longer period as might be agreed.

If at any time before the deadline for agreement date you decide not to proceed with the tenancy, then your holding deposit will be retained by our firm. By the same token, if during that period you unreasonably delay in responding to any reasonable request made by our firm, or, you have provided false or misleading information as a part of your application, or, if you fail any of the checks which the Landlord is required to undertake under the Immigration Act 2014, your holding deposit will not be returned. It will be retained by this firm. It may be possible to extend the deadline for agreement date beyond 15 days, this request to be made in writing or by e mail and to be acknowledged by F.S.S. within 24 hours.

However, if the Landlord decides not to offer you a tenancy for reasons unconnected with the above, your part security holding deposit will be refunded in full within 7 days.

Should you be offered and accept the tenancy we offer, your holding deposit will be credited to the security deposit invoice due under the tenancy terms.

Where, for whatever reason, your holding deposit is neither refunded nor credited against any security deposit, you will be provided with written reasons for your holding deposit not being repaid within 7 days.

There are no fees or charges in connection with your application for a tenancy. However, if your application is successful and you complete the tenancy under our standard Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement terms, you will be required to pay certain fees for any breach of the Tenancy Agreement in line with the Tenant Fees Act 2019. A copy of our standard Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement is available on request.

Rental Part Deposit
Up to £549.00 £100
Between £550.00 and £699.00 £125
Between £700.00 and £999.00 £150
Between £1,000.00 and £1,999.00 £225
Over £2,000.00 £400

Bank details

* You can pay your part security holding deposit by bank transfer
Barclays Bank Payee: Feather Smailes & Scales LLP Sort code: 20-37-13 Account No: 00458198
Please use the property address as the reference.


By confirming below the Applicant agrees to the terms of this application.

I 'The Applicant' agree to the Terms of this application:  

Agreement Date Signed*

Date Received (Office Use)