Remote Bidding Form

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I hereby instruct and authorise FSS (Feather Smailes & Scales) Auctioneers to bid on my behalf in accordance with the Terms & Conditions specified overleaf and understand that should my bid be successful the offer will be binding upon me and FSS Auctioneers will sign the Memorandum of Sale on my behalf.

For proxy bidders only my maximum bid is:

TO ALL BIDDERS, If your bid is successful you will be required to pay 10% of your purchase price as a deposit and the £750 buyers administration fee to the account details below within 24 hours of the date of the sale.

Bank details

Barclays Payee: FS&S Client Account Sort code: 20-37-13 Account No: 93692612
Please state your name and the property address as the reference.

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Terms & Conditions for Remote Bidding Services

You can use our Remote Bidding Services for internet, proxy or telephone bidding.

You should complete and sign the remote bidding form overleaf, ticking the service you wish to use, and send to us with the required certified identification. If you wish to bid for more than one lot then separate forms must be completed for each lot. In the event that we are unable to make contact, or contact is broken during the sale, telephone bidders have the option to authorise us to bid on their behalf by proxy. You must state the maximum proxy bid price you are prepared to authorise FSS (Feather Smailes & Scales) Auctioneers to bid on your behalf and we will not exceed this maximum bidding figure under any circumstances.

A proxy bidding maximum bid price must be to an exact figure. The wording “one hundred pounds over the highest bid in the room”, for instance, would not be acceptable.

If you are the successful bidder you will be required to forward 10% of the purchase price to our account as listed at the bottom of the remote bidding form, together with the £750 buyers administration fee. You will then be required to forward the remaining 90% of the purchase price to the vendors solicitors prior to the completion date stated.

Our bank account details will be provided again upon receipt of your signed remote bidding form and satisfactory identification.

The required deposit payment is 10% of your maximum bid price (subject to a minimum deposit of £3,000) plus an administration fee of £750 inclusive of VAT. Therefore, if your bid price is £30,000 or less the minimum payment will be a deposit of £3,000 plus administration fee outlined above. If your bid price is less than £3,000 then the full purchase price plus administration fee is payable.

In compliance with Money Laundering Regulations all named buyers are required to provide photographic identification and proof of residency.

All remote bidders should enclose ‘certified‘ copies of photographic identification, such as a current passport or UK driving licence, together with a utility bill, council tax bill or financial statement that has been issued within the last three months and provides evidence of residency at the correspondence address stated under the buyers section overleaf.

If you are acting on behalf of another party then you will need to provide the documents detailed above for both yourself and all named buyers, together with a valid letter of authority authorising you to bid on the buyer’s behalf. Bidders acting on behalf of a company should provide the above documents for themselves together with a written authority from the company and a copy of the Certificate of Incorporation.

Proxy bidders paying by bankers draft may return their completed bidding forms, draft and proof of identity, inside a sealed envelope which should be clearly marked on the outside with the auction information.

Telephone bidding forms require verification prior to the auction and internet bidding forms require pre-authorisation to enable this service.

We reserve the right not to bid on behalf of a telephone or proxy bidder should there be any error, confusion (either apparent or otherwise) in respect of the instructions or accompanying deposit payment.

We will not “run” the bidding above the reserve and will bid on your behalf against those present in the room and any other remote bidder to the limit of our instructions/bid.

Proxy bidders must appreciate that due to the nature of the bidding they may not be the successful buyer when the sale price is at their maximum bid price as we may have reached the limit of their instructions before the final bid.

The provision of an internet bidding service is not guaranteed. The Bidder User accepts that access to the Essential Information Group services (whether the website, via the auctioneer’s site (if applicable) or the services or access to a particular lot) may be withdrawn at any time.

The website, the auctioneer‘s site (if applicable) and the services may be interrupted and provision of the website, the auctioneer’s site (if applicable) and the services is not guaranteed. Bidder Users must make alternative provision for making bids prior to the sale and must not rely on and are not entitled to rely on the services (whether the website or the services) or the use of the auctioneer’s site to make bids. Such services and sites may not be continuous and may be interrupted by factors within or outside our control.

The website and the services are provided free of charge by the Essential Information Group and Feather, Smailes Scales Auctioneers ‘as is’ and ‘when is’ available only. Feather Smailes Scales Auctioneers and the Essential Information Group shall have no liability where a bid fails to be received by the auctioneer or is delayed, or where the bid is made in error for whatever reason.

A remote bidder accepts that their offer is binding and that the auctioneer has full legal power to sign the contracts on behalf of the buyer, providing for completion in accordance with the Special Conditions of Sale as applicable to that lot. We do not make a charge for this service and will accept no liability whatsoever for a bid not being made, whether through late arrival or non-delivery of a remote bidding form, failure to reach a telephone bidder from the auction room, lack of clarity of instructions or for any other reason whatsoever.

Bidders are strongly advised to telephone Feather Smailes Scales Auctioneers on 01423 501211 option 3 between 9.00am and 10.00am on the day of the auction to ensure that there are no late amendments to either the details or the legal documentation. Auction addendum will be available from the evening before the sale.

The buyer will be deemed to have knowledge of any amendments and will buy subject to them. In the event of a major amendment being necessary, and the auctioneers not receiving any further instructions from either a telephone or proxy bidder, the auctioneers reserve the right not to bid on behalf of the telephone or proxy bidder.

If you wish to withdraw your bid, the Auctioneers require written notification by 4pm on the eve of the Auction sale or by hand 1 hour prior to Auction commencing. It is your responsibility to obtain receipt that this notification has been received.

If the prospective buyer decides to attend the Auction and cancellation of the remote bid is not received, this remote bid is still in place and the Auctioneer will not take any responsibility if you are therefore bidding against your own bid.

The Auctioneers or the Seller hold the right to withdraw or sell prior to Auction the Lot, even if a remote bid has been received and processed.

The Auctioneer’s decision is final. Completed Remote Bidding forms should be received, along with identification, by 3pm the day prior to auction